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Plano, tx

214 726-9190

Youth Rugby North Dallas TX

About Us

Club Info and Contacts for Plano Rugby Club

The Plano Youth Rugby Club was established in 2000 under the auspices of PSA, originally catering to boys in grades 11 and 12, in order to compete in the Texas High Schools rugby league.

In 2005, we expanded the PSA program to start at age 9 and up and fielded teams in these younger age groups.

We take players from all areas, In 2011 we expanded the program further to include ages 7 & 8.

At the younger age groups, girls up to age 12 play on boys teams. We also field a girls team, ages 13 to 18 to compete in the Texas Girls High School rugby league.

Club President 

Nick Marketos


Head Coach

Frank Waller


Youth Teams

Mike Marketos



Glen Seaman


News & Communications

News & Communications